Since the dreaded covid19 pandemic hit, there has been a spike in cybercrime as the US FBI reported a 300% increase1. Having your website hacked is something many small business owners think only happens to big corporations.  While all websites are potential targets, hackers find smaller companies attractive because they tend to have weaker online security and they don’t use strong encryption technologies. Websites need regular maintenance just like computers, mobile devices, and firewalls to prevent a cybercriminal from injecting random data queries to add, remove or steal content.  Hackers can easily deface your site and redirect traffic to a malicious third-party site without you ever knowing. If this happens, you will quickly lose trust with current and potential customers if you infect their computers and mobile devices.

Be sure the person handling your website applies all necessary security patches and fixes as soon as they are available.

Don’t have someone handling your website? Ryan Professional Services is here to help you with all your website needs. Reasons why our clients love our web solutions:

  • Peace of mind - we keep your site properly maintained and secure
  • Quick - we'll have your website delivered in 4 weeks or less
  • Unlimited Changes - request site changes and updates as often as you need, generally completed within 24 hours
  • Mobile Friendly - mobile friendly website for no additional cost
  • Save $$$ - minimal set-up fees and low monthly cost
  • No Long Term Contracts! - no cancellation or termination fees, 30 day notice is all we need

Contact us today to discuss your website needs or if you want a FREE Website Security Assessment.