Hi Chris,

Thank you for your help in selecting, ordering, installing programs and coming to our home to get me started on a new computer. You also did a great job of helping me make the transition to Gmail which could have been a long and painful process. You even managed to make a process that could have been frustrating, fun!  I am very happy with how things worked out and am glad to have you as a resource for the future.

Thanks again!




In 2018 we struggled with our technology and our IT provider was unable to resolve the issues in a timely manner. We interviewed several IT consultants in the area, but Ryan Professional Services stood out. They patiently listened to all our issues, performed a full network evaluation and recommended changes to improve our efficiency and reduce costs.

Since then, they are always quick to respond via phone call or e-mail to resolve an issue or brainstorm solutions to any issues we encounter. They explain complex technical terminology in easy-to-understand terms which helps us make better decisions about our technology. The first major recommendation was to migrate our productivity suite to Microsoft 365 and standardize our working environment. This was the most amazing, seamless transition I've ever experienced with any IT provider. Within a week we were all up and running as if nothing even happened. NO down time and NO issues. Amazing!

They have impressed us in the beginning and continue to impress us every day.  Transitioning everyone to work-at-home this past year was seamless and worry free for us because of Ryan Professional Services.  There is no other IT company I would recommend other than Ryan Professional Services.

CancerFree Kids Sue Maples, CPA,
Chief Financial Officer - CancerFree Kids

When two employee laptops were stolen while out of town on a business trip, Ryan Professional Services was quick to act. They immediately locked the computers to prevent login and were able to erase all data remotely. They purchased new laptops for our employees, configured them and had them ready the next day when the employees returned. The transition was seamless. Our employees lost no data and were able to pick up right where they left off with no downtime. The level of responsiveness and attention to detail is why we do business with Ryan Professional Services.

STNL Development Chris Canarie, Principal http://www.stnldevelopment.com

Our server had run out of space and Windows was nearing the end of support. Due to the age of the server, lack of storage and version of Windows, we were not able to upgrade. We turned to Ryan Professional Services for help. They installed a server to fit our needs and budget and migrated all our applications and data to the new platform without vendor support, which saved a lot of money. The transition was smooth, and the users continued to work without interruption. They were even able to move our archived servers to the new platform to save space in the server room and better preserve the data. Now that the operation is over, I feel safe knowing our server is automatically backed up daily and monitored for issues 24/7. Ryan Professional Services is the most dependable and honest business partner with which we’ve ever worked.

Everybody's Health David J. Berring, DC, CCEP, President https://everybodyshealth.us/

We have been delighted with Ryan Professional Services for many years. They have helped us make good decisions about our technology by listening to our needs and recommending cost effective solutions. Over the years they have migrated our e-mail to the cloud, replaced firewalls, installed new servers & workstations, and setup up home offices. They continue to keep us up to date by recommending new products to keep us secure and leveraging new features in existing products.

I absolutely love how Ryan Professional Services proactively monitors our equipment 24/7 and quickly resolves any issues that arise, as we cannot afford any downtime during tax season. Most recently, they replaced a failed hard drive in our server without impacting our employees. It gives me peace of mind to know they are watching out for us.

Anytime we need support their response is swift and reliable. Whether we need advice on how to use a program or need a sounding board for future ideas they are always there to assist. We have and will continue to recommend your services to all of our clients and friends.

JOHNSTON & ASSOCIATES, LLC Charlotte M. Johnston CPA http://www.masoncpas.com/